The Mr. Sandless Service Born Green!

 A green finish only needs to have low VOC ratings.  VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, or the amount of chemicals that enter the air when a finish is used.  It is recommended by many groups that VOC ratings for wood floor finishes to be in the green category, they must be under <250 g/liter.  In strict compliance states such as California, it could be as low as <100 g/liter.


Mr. Sandless Gloss Finish has a certified VOC rating of <92.96 g/liter.

Mr. Sandless Satin Finish has a certified VOC rating of <77.02 g/liter.

These certified VOC ratings put Mr. Sandless as the leader in the industry for true green compliance by anyone’s VOC standards!



But is low VOC enough?  It is Mr. Sandless belief that just as important as VOC ratings is the actual chemicals that make up a finish.  There are many modern water based urethane finishes with low VOCs that claim they are “green”.  But upon simple examination of the material safety data sheet (MSDS), which shows the properties of these so called “green” finishes, you can easily find toxic chemicals!   


All solutions used in the Mr. Sandless service including our finishes, contain no toxic, caustic, or banned chemicals, making
Mr. Sandless
the leader in true green refinishing!


“It is funny how popular being green is now,” says Mr. Sandless CEO, founder and creator, Daniel Praz.  “To me, this is just common sense.  “Green” simply means “safe”.  When I developed the system, I knew I personally would be doing the service, and I only wanted to use safe materials—for my own health and the health and safety of my clients.  I have refinished more than 1,000 wood floors myself, and I promise you our service is the safe and environmentally responsible choice for your wood floor needs!”


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