1. It is the client's responsibility to ensure rooms are completely empty of furniture as Mr Sandless does not move furniture or electronics as our insurance does not cover us for this unless this has been agreed and signed off by both parties before the day of service. We require the work area to be clear of such items upon arrival. Failure to have these items moved may incur a waiting charge or if rescheduling of the job is required, a fee will apply.  Mr Sandless will not be held liable for any damage that occurs while moving such items.

2. Upon accepting our quote (verbally, txt, email, fax or any other means), we deem that you have read, fully understand, accept and agree with all of our terms and conditions.

A deposit payment may be required at the time of booking to secure a date.

4. Full and final payment is due and expected on day of completion of service
unless prior arrangements have been made in writing and signed off by both/all parties. Late payment of invoice shall  immediately incur a 25%  late payment penalty fee. This shall be payable on all or any monies outstanding from the invoice and or Contract from the date payment was due, but without prejudice to the Company's other rights or remedies in respect of the Buyer's default in failing to make payment. The client also agrees to pay all costs involved in the collection of this debt owed to us including but not limited to legal costs on a client/solicitor basis and all costs of a debt collection agency engaged to act on our behalf in recovery of the debt. All supplies materials used in the service remain the property of Mr Sandless NZ until full payment has been received.

Payment is payable by cash, bank cheque, credit cards.

Once date is secured and the deposit is paid, it will not be refunded, but dates can be changed. However a rescheduling fee may apply.

7. Quotes of covered floors are given on the understanding that the floors underneath the covering are ready to be treated by the Mr Sandless method and the customer will meet any additional costs of additional work required i.e. colour matching and/or sanding of uneven areas.

By accepting this quote, the client agrees to the service outcome Mr. Sandless is able to achieve.

Please check the back of your quote form or floor amendment sheet for any further terms & conditions of our service.

10. The client acknowledges that the wiring and fuses in the service area are of a standard to run our equipment without the risk of electrical shorts or blown fuses and agrees not to hold Mr. Sandless responsible for any incident arising from such cause.

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