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   Old Carpets to Beautiful Wood Floors in 1 Day!
Full Service Includes:
Moving Your Furniture
Sectional removal of your carpet (wrapped for disposal)
Removal of matting (packed for disposal)
Safe pull-up of the tack boards
Safe pull-up of all staples
Complete Mr. Sandless floor refinishing
Replacing your furniture
Care instructions to keep you floors looking great
How can you be certain that the wood floors under your carpets are worth refinishing?

Start with this simple peek:

1.) Go to an obscure part of the room, perhaps a hidden corner or closet, and using a tool to assist, pull a corner of the carpet away from the wall.

2.) Next, lift up the padding to reveal the floor underneath. It won’t be a problem if the staples remain on the floor after you pull up the pad!

3.) Get as good a look at the floor as you can.

4.) At Mr. Sandless, we can refinish just about any type of floor. What would diminish the outcome of refinishing are board problems, where the boards are damaged beyond refinishing, and would have to be replaced. These are the areas you are trying to identify.

5.) Damaged areas include:

- Dark Stains in Boards

- Clear Stains where the boards have no color

- Boards that are painted or excessively worn

- Boards that are warped and have a stark color difference

6.) If this type of damage is seen, it is decision time! If you are certain that you are getting rid of your carpets (either to refinish the wood floor or for new carpet) then pull up a larger section of the carpet to be able to view as much of the floor as you can, and then give us a call and tell us what you see. There are several options available to you at this point and we will guide you from there

7.) If you do observe problem areas, we can guide you to solutions and will discuss them all with you.


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